Pat Abella


Pat Abella is a self-taught watercolour visual artist from Manila. His works revolve around nostalgic portraits of ladies incorporated with flora and fauna embellished with gold leaf to show empowerment and hope for his viewers.

He is currently a staff Microbiologist in Tondo Medical Center focused on the Molecular Detection of the causative agents of Tuberculosis and COVID-19. Pat is also a part time professor in the Far Eastern University - Manila, teaching Medical Technology professional subjects.


Proof of Life | Pineapple Lab | 2020

Daluyong | Pineapple Lab | 2019

Bloom Arts Festival | 2018

Going Once, Going Twice | Pineapple Lab | 2018

Hermosa | A Space Gallery | 2018


Beyond Blooms | Far Eastern University - Manila | 2020

Splash Into Color : A Live Watercolour Demo | University of Santo Tomas | 2019

Hermosa Art Talks | A Space Gallery | 2018

Hiraya | MAPUA University | 2017

Talks & Workshops | MAPUA University | 2016